Attention C7 Owners!
TCR-7 Features:
  1. Precision Injection and Rotational Molded construction for unprecedented quality.
  2. Pulls additional airflow from a High Pressure zone dropping heat soak temps in seconds, NOT miles like our competition. Gains of 1.2 – 4 %  more power from Cold Air alone!  No need to spend money
  3. No tuning required. You can custom tune for more power.
  4. Straight from the COPO Race program, Our Patented Reverse Venturi Intake Tube with throttle body Bell-Mouth for added flow. The result , flow is increased beyond having no intake at all !
  5. Quick and Easy Installation.  No cutting or drilling on your car.


  Click below for dyno graph


Proper Heat shielding:
Dramatically delays heat penetration.
See our video “Putting Your Ass on the line"

Proper Mold Quality:
ISO 9001 compliant  manufacturing.
Smooth internally, near even plastic flow.
Maintains  mold thickness
Requirements for strength and minimizing heat penetration.

Heat shielding?
Material did not stop heat soak during our real world testing .
As you can see, its “OPEN” it can’t

Poor mold quality:
Moisture in the plastic.
Makes for a thin, flimsy, weak part. This also allows heat to penetrate quicker.


The differences are very clear! 
The VR Reverse Venturi  tube is the product of hours of CFD, Flow-bench and Racing development.

With expanding walls that can reach a massive 5.0 inches in ID combined with a gentle sweep angle and decreasing  raidius air horn to increase flow into the engine beyond vacuum alone. This combination flows far more volume while maintaining the velocity of a smaller tube. This competitor uses a standard ID bore that is “SMALLER” than factory and an “off the shelf ” 90 deg bend. Even GM didn’t do that!


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