The Long anticipated VR-DRX Ram Air Induction System

For 2012-2015 V-8 & ZL-1 Camaro’s
“Born out of the “VR Race” & “COPO” programs ”

On Road Testing on a stock 2012 V-8 LS-3 Automatic Camaro:
For the  stock times we chose the  “Best”  out of 5 runs. With the VR system we chose the “Slowest” time out of 5 runs. We Data log using EFI live to verify changes in MAP Pressure, MAF flow rates,
Timing curves and Air fuel ratio etc. This Kit has over 700 Log files in 2 yrs ranging from 100 mile cruises to ¼ mile passes: Basic G-tech runs shown below.

Best run 12.79@110.48MPH
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  “We guarantee either a 3 tenth or a 3 MPH improvement in the ¼ mile with
this system or we will take it back and pay shipping both ways!”
That is the VARARAM way!
Complete Kit Shown

“Not legal for sale or use on vehicles in the state of California.”