C5 VR Power Duct

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(A little history)
It’s been yrs in the making! This product was stillborn collecting dust on the back shelves of VR until customer demand and time caught back up to its need for further development for production.
After hundreds of hours on the flow bench comparing the VR design to the very best the competition had to offer, we are proud to present the VR power duct for the C5 corvette.

The VR was engineered for stock to high horsepower cars of 500-700 rear wheel HP!

This unit can be used with the VR B2 System, Blackwing, K&N and many more and use it you should, because the VR out flowed the very best by over 15% @ 28 inches of water
and 20% @10 inches through the throttle body!

We only flow through the Throttlebody, flowing a duct by itself tells you nothing of its true flow capabilities as delivered into the intake manifold.

The key to its performance is in its Patent Pending reverse venturi design with integrated rear air horn. It's not about making a bigger hole for airflow, its about streamlining the existing airflow
while increasing the overall volume delivered at the highest possible velocity at each RPM level THROUGH THE MAF AND THROTTLE BODY!
Other features include:

1. Relocated MAF position- WE move the MAF closer to the motor for a cleaner read, a must for any heads cam or stroker motor cars.

2. Superior quality in construction- Here we use a resin reinforced Crosslink Material that is set at a specified charge weight for strength and longevity, More expensive ,yes, but 50% stronger than other systems.

3. Full adjustability- this enables the unit to fit a wide range of intake and filter combinations so you can use the VR power duct even if you don’t have a VR-B2 system.

4. Positive clamp rings front and rear

5. Optional forced induction models available, capable of sustained boost levels of 18PSI@175deg
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