07 - 11 Available Now

Its finally Here!! After 1 ½ yrs of R&D, VR has finally produced what everyone
has asked for, a real ram air system that is a direct bolt on, no chopping
no drilling and NO WATER INGESTION!

Guaranteed performance!


A real world +25-50HP* (depending on engine size and if a programmer is used) 3-5tenth of a improvements on 0-60mph runs ,without the use of a programmer. With a programmer you will see even more! 1/4mile improvements of 3 tenths and 3mph are the norm! Fuel mileage improvements of +1-3mpg 

We are proud to bring you the all new VARARAM TRI-POWER RAM AIR SYSTEM!

This unit fits “ALL” 2007-2008/ current ,1500 and 2500 GM trucks and SUV’s
With 4.8,5.3 and 6.0 liter V-8 engines.
• 07 - 08 Avalanche
• 07 - 08 Escalade
• 07 - 08 Denalli
• 07 - 08 Tahoe
• 07 - 08 GMC 1500and 2500 trucks
• 07 -08 Chevy 1500and 2500 trucks


• CAD designed Tri-power upper plenum box with internal venturi’s to enhance velocity
Sealed and pressurized construction for maxim power and ram effect

• Relocated Mass airflow meter for a more accurate read and throttle response.

• Custom Tri-Power air filter by GREEN using air sensor safe oils ( so no air meters issues)
washable and reusable

• This system Flows well over 2000CFM!

• Twin 5inch I.D. reinforced ram air hoses.

• Twin front scoops that are over 100% efficient each

• Optional Water drain valve ,that is capable of draining 1 gallon of water every 30 seconds
for those brave enough to need to use it!

• X-Link composite construction for strength and that OEM Look!

• Easy filter access for cleaning

• Designed to be compatible with all aftermarket tuners ex Diablo ,Superchips etc....

• We have even included tuning help in the instruction to help you get maximum power and fuel mileage.


For 07 - 08

For 09 - 11