Customers always ask how are your kits different or why are yours better?

First - All air intakes are not created equal, especially if it’s a VR kit. Most of our kits are proprietary to the vehicle application itself. The kits at VR take about 1 yr to make production from the R&D process. Our R&D process ranges from some of the most advanced flow research using the latest in fluid dynamics to, thousands of miles of “REAL World” flow and road testing, in multiple conditions using the latest in data log software.

Second - VaraRam produces the most efficient air kits on the Market, with efficiency ranging from 103% to over 130% efficiency for our ram air units. We do this by using some of the most innovative designs on the market, encompassing multiple venture systems, air splitters and even water systems to ensure maximum performance, with unmatched daily drivability.

Third – We offer the industries only true “Performance Guarantee” Each VR kit has its own stand-alone guarantee on what it will do for you.  We can do this because of our intensive R&D process around the performance of our products.

Vararam vs. the Competition
C-6 Snakecharmer
For this comparison we took the most popular C-6 cold air kits and ran them in full acceleration runs data logging each run as well as monitoring 0-60mph and ¼ mile times and mph using a G-tech backed up by a PI research data acquisition system. Each run was made same day, same test area in the same weather conditions. Conditions were also monitored to stay within a 2% variation range.
Test Car: 2006 C-6, Z51 package with 6 speed manual
The day 72°F, 67%humidity, low to no wind, all runs made at sea level.

Here are the competitors

60ft 2.11-2.12
0-60mph 4.53-4.58
1/4mile 12.75-12.80 @ 113.1-113.3mph
Stock with modified shroud
60ft 2.11-2.12
0-60mph 4.48-4.50
1/4mile 12.70-12.73 @ 113.4-113.5mph

Competitor 1
(the shroud was modified to maintain cold air)
60ft 2.12
0-60mph 4.45- 4.47
1/4 mile 12.68-12.71 @ 113.8-114.0mph

Competitor 2
(the shroud was modified to maintain cold air)
60ft 2.10-2.14
0-60mph 4.40-4.43
1/4mile 12.63-12.67 @ 114.1-114.3mph

Competitor 3
60ft 2.10-2.11
0-60mph 4.38- 4.40
1/4mile 12.61-12.64 @ 114.7-114.8mph

Competitor 4
60ft 2.10-2.12
0-60mph 4.38-4.41
1/4 mile 12.62 -12.64 @ 114.8mph

Vararam Snakecharmer
60ft 2.11-2.12
0-60mph 4.20-4.28
1/4 mile 12.42-12.44 @ 116.5-116.8mph

We tested for MAP pressure (manifold pressure)
and flow rates through the mass airflow meter in each gear

We also monitored the fuel system, air intake temp, throttle position etc…during the same runs
Competitors 3 & 4 were near mirror images of one another in terms of performance and flow data.
*Competition on graph reflects competitor 4

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1st gear 2nd gear 3rd gear 4th gear