GM High-Tech test of the VR-SC1
Check out the new test with the Vararam VR-SC1.

VR-SC1... Snake Charmer Release
One full year in the making after countless hours of road and track testing the C-6 Snake Charmer ram air system is here, Testing has shown gains of over 3 tenths and 3mph through the 1/4 mile, 0-60 mph improvements of 4-5 tenths, Top speed is up by 7-8 MPH. THIS is the highest performance system you can buy for a C-6 corvette, Look for records to fall across the country!

VR Filter Update!!!
All VR filters are custom made for each application, nothing is off the shelf. We spec out our filters with deeper pleats and more pleats per inch than what is available off the shelf. This gives us more flow capacity and more air filtration for each application. All filters carry a million mile warranty and are washable and reusable

VR Throttle Body Spacers Release
This spacer was developed to increase the plenum volume of the LS-2 and LS-7 intake manifold. By doing this we create a higher velocity air charge that has shown proven power gains of 6-9 Rear Wheel horsepower and 9-12 ftlbs of Torque in independent testing, Easy installation, Guaranteed power!

New Products Coming Soon.....