Check the specs for yourself:

• Rotary molded construction for a seamless look and reduced heat soak.
• Multiple Venturi plenum featuring full air flow control
• Flows up to 2500CFM!
• Designed to support 500cu inch and 750HP at the crankshaft.
• High flow 1 1/2 inch drop base plate, fits all Holley, Carter AFB and vertical throttle body 4.875 inch bell mouths
    (Dominator systems available)
• Twin massive 5inch ID elliptical inlets for maximum flow and hood clearance
• Round and rectangular scoop options
• 3 to 5 tenth gains and 3-4 MPH in the 1/4 mile, even on 10 second cars!
• Guaranteed performance improvements.

Fits: The following applications with a standard 4 & 7/8ths inch base
fuel injected or carbureted:

ALL GM 300 cu/inch through 455 cu inch motors Chevy, Pontiac,Oldsmobile, Buick and GMC
ALL GM- LS-1 through Full LSX race combinations, With vertical throttle body or Carburetors
ALL Holden applications up to 500 cubic inches
ALL Monaro applications up to 500 cubic inches
ALL Ford 289, 302 to Boss 429 motors
ALL Mopar 300 cuinch through full 500 cubic inches race Hemi's
ALL AMC 300 cubic inches through 500 cubic inches
ALL Custom applications any manufacturer up to 500 cubic inches

We have Got you covered!

Plenum Kit
(1) 4" tall reusable 2000CFM Green air filter
(1) drop base for standard carburetor bore size - 4 7/8"

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Hose Kit #1 6ft
5"ID x 6ft
(4) hose clamps

  Hose Kit #2 12ft
5"ID x 12ft
(4) hose clamps

Scoop Kit #1
(2) round velocity stack scoops
(2) 5"ID hose clamps
  Scoop Kit #2
(2) square scoops
(2) 5"ID hose clamps
Build it YOUR way Full Custom, for Pure Speed!