The VR-6 uses a ram air effect from the upper plenum chamber to accelerate air past the secondary bottom venturi. This decreases the time to peak velocity by 10%. This gives the system the same velocity at 10 mph that a ram air system generates at 80 mph, which helps to increase low end acceleration for your truck or SUV.

The VR-6 features.......
Cobra box uses multiple venturi system to accelerate air flow in a true cold air system
Designed to produce up 30 HP and up 30+ FTLBS of torque** throughout the RPM range
Flows up to 1278 CFM
Increases throttle response
Increases gas mileage 1-3 MPG
Increases acceleration
No cutting or drilling
Comes Standard with VR RED FILTERS
** (as tested on GEN III 6.0 liter)

If this is the type of performance that you are looking for, simply give us a call, one of our techs will be standing by to help you.

We will be updating this area of our web site soon as there is simply a vast amount of data that we have collected over the past year covering many different aspects of our induction testing program during the development of the VR King Cobra system that we feel would interest you as a consumer or just as a performance enthusiast. We feel that you will find it very informative and educating, so check back with us from time to time to view the ongoing updates and remember..


  • 1996-2006 GM V8 Trucks/SUVs

If you are not VaraRam equipped your just sucking air!

We guarantee that you will see at least a 1/2-to a full second drop off of your 0-60 MPH times over factory stock no matter which GM truck or SUV you have or VR will buy the system back, but we are going even further, We guarantee that you will gain at least a full second ?OVER ANY OTHER? after market air induction system or we will buy the unit back. We at VaraRam chose a very conservative performance improvement figure that we knew ANY truck or SUV (whether V-6 or V-8) would see based on our test data from our competitors products in real world conditions rather than a dyno. You will also see a fuel mileage improvement from the system; usually this is about 2-3mpg over factory stock. The heavier and slower the vehicle the stronger the gains EX: when towing a 5,000lb trailer with the same 2004 6.0 test mule we were seeing the 0-60 mph times drop by 3-3.5 seconds (21.3-21.5 to 17.8-18.3 seconds) fuel mileage rose to 10 mpg from 5-6mpg when towing.

Here are just some of our test numbers from several of our test vehicles. All runs were made as direct before and after runs with NO computer re-learn time. All 0-60 mph runs were made using a Vericom VC 2000 backed up by a PI Research on board telemetry system to monitor MAP, air fuel ratio and overall vehicle performance.

If you don?t see your truck or SUV listed simply call our toll free number and speak to one of our knowledgeable techs about your particular vehicle application, from the base Truck to the Cadillac Escalade, we have you covered.

2000 GM truck 5.3 extended cab 4wd/2wd run in 2wd
Stock 0-60 MPH 11.76-11.82 seconds over 3 runs
VR 0-60 MPH 10.36-10.48 seconds over 3 runs
That?s a 1.4 second improvement!
2-3MPG improvement

2004 GM truck 6.0 3/4ton extended cab long bed 2wd
Stock 0-60 MPH 12.67-12.73 seconds over 3 runs
VR 0-60 MPH 10.98-11.04 seconds over 3 runs
That?s a 1.6 second improvement!
+4 MPG over stock

2004 GM SS Silverado 6.0 4wd
Stock 0-60 mph 6.82-7.10 seconds over 3 runs
VR 0-60 mph 6.07-6.15 seconds over 3 runs
That?s a .7-1.0 second improvement!
+3MPG average

2000 GM Truck 4.3V6, 2wd
Stock 0-60 mph 8.1-8.3 seconds over 3 runs
VR 0-60 mph 7.3-7.5 seconds over 3 runs
That?s a .6-1.0 second improvement!
+2-3MPG average