• The unit is over 100% efficient- that means when you move the system is already pumping in air greater then your road speed at the throttle body, that's how good the Hemi under glass flows

• Reduces 0-60mph times by as much as 1 full second on 4x4s and 6 tenths of a second on 2wd hemi trucks

• Reduces 1/4 miles times by as much as 6 tenths of a second! We guarantee you at least 3 tenths and 3mph no matter which truck you have.

This gives more performance improvement than.
Cat back exhaust
Power programmers
And so much more

The Hemi under glass is more than performance its about creating a show stopping look that is pure "MOPAR MUSCLE!"

Over a 1 yr in design and R&D to deliver the jaw dropping performance that Vararam systems have become legendary for and to create a true retro system that any Hemi truck lover would be proud to show at any event.

All of this is backed by Vararam's industry leading performance guarantee!

If it doesn't deliver 3 tenths and 3mph in the 1/4 mile over factory, we will take the unit back and pay shipping both ways. You are out "NOTHING!"

We have been doing this for years and we look forward to bringing true Mopar performance enthusiasts into the Vararam family!


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Customer Testamonials

John Bell
I paid $400 for a cold air kit that didn’t really even work and in the end it was a chrome tube with a filter. I bought your product and simply put it’s the best thing I have ever bought for my truck and by the way the performance is absolutely there!

Lewis Garcia
San Antonio, TX
I am a racer and I test everything  on my G_tech and at the track. I already had another companies intake on my truck ( 1500) In the ¼ mile she was running 14.7”s consistently . Now with your intake I am running consistant 14.4’s and my superchips is showing some serious boost.I have seen your parts on Vettes for yrs and they all rave about them , now I see why.

Jay Earnest
San Diego, CA
I bought your part for the looks but I just had to write you and tell you guys, WOW, this thing rocks! I have paid a lot more and gotten a lot less and I must say, its nice to finally get The looks and performance these trucks should have had from the factory.

Test runs performed on a Silver Daytona 1500
0-60 test

Stock (run 1)

Stock (run 2)
Vararam (run 1)

Vararam (run 2)
Volant with Ram Air Option
1/4 mile test
Volant with Ram Air Option
Why Vararam is so Powerful
It's all about Our High Efficiency Levels
Fan Air Speed: 8mph

Intake Air Speed: 8.3mph
as installed on Dodge 1500